As a critically acclaimed brand in bed mattress industry, SERYATO has earned the trust of Hilton, JW Marriott, Kempinski, Shangri-La, Hyatt, etc.

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Sleep is a necessary part of people’s existence, and many find it is difficult to get a healthy and comfortable sleep. As a top quality beds and mattresses manufacturer in China, we have two brands, Angel Dream and Seryato. We specialize in pocket spring mattresses, Bonnell spring mattresses, roll up mattresses, leather beds, fabric beds, slatted bed bases, etc. We design these products to help our customers get a more comfortable sleep, improving their health. Our products are requested by internationally known hotels, including Hilton, JW Marriot, Kempinski, Shangri-La, Hyatt and more. We welcome inquires about theses spring mattresses and upholstered beds, and we hope you will get more than you expect.
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    When receiving a product quality complaint, we will handle it according to our standard after-sales service flow. If the product is proved to be defective, we will offer a certain amount of compensation. We will also find the cause of the problem, in order to prevent it from happening again in the future.

    1. Bonnell Spring Mattress (Classic Collection)

      The application of high density foam makes the classic collection Bonnell spring mattress extremely comfortable
      This high density foam sprung mattress is durable as it uses an enhanced Bonnell spring system.

    1. Leather Bed

      The headboard of the genuine leather bed is made from Birch trees that grow in the northwest region of China, and the slatted bed base is made of standard Beech. Each of the premium accessories guarantees the quality and comfort.

    1. Fabric Bed

      The covers along the sides of the upholstered bed and the throw pillows are filled with 4500g of ultra-soft, non-glue foam. They are high quality, due to the application of pre-shrinking, matting, singeing and stentering treatments.

    1. Pocket Spring Mattress

      Individual pocket springs are arranged in a honey comb pattern, and offer excellent support for greater comfort and minimizes the disturbances of your partner.
      This pocket spring mattress is a single sided mattress.

    1. Foam Mattress

      The foam mattress uses a high resilience foam produced using a vacuum foaming technology.The elastic foam,when combined with high carbon manganese steel individual pocked springs,can support your body.

    1. Latex Foam Mattress

      The open porous airbag structure allows the air in the latex bed pad to flow freely. This aids in removing heat and sweat from the human body, allowing you a cool and dry sleep. The latex foam mattress has an excellent elasticity.

    1. Self Assembly Divan Bed Base

      This self-assembly divan bed base is a wooden slatted bed frame.When compared with bed bases woven by coir ropes, our self-assembly divan bed base has a better supporting performance and comfort.

    1. Electric Slatted Bed Base

      The electric slatted base uses a high carbon steel frame and is designed with butterfly patterns on the surface. Sealed using economically friendly paint, the electric adjustable bed frame has a fine and smooth surface.

    1. Gel Pillow

      Resting on a gel pillow is extremely comfortable as both your head and neck are properly supported all night long. The cool gel memory foam pillow conforms to your head almost immediately when you rest on it, allowing you to fall asleep faster.

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    Our company can meet each of the requirements for these distributors. For example, we can offer product storage and transportation services.

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    We not only sell home furnishing products such as mattresses and beds, but we also offer our customers complete OEM services.

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    Our success is dependent on your success. As a thriving company, we are looking for distributors who are willing to develop as we develop.

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